Student Cinema

Student Cinema has been running at the Scala University Cinema as a part of project teaching since 2013, when Scala was restored with the help of Masaryk University.

Every semester, one student team carries out one project selected in an open competition and implemented in a real public functioning of cinema Scala.  The project involves a thematic cycle (usually) of ten projections (ten full-length distribution or archive films) with an accompanying program in the form of professional introductions, discussions, cultural presentations or competitions.  

The student team (usually) consists of 7-10 people, among which are, besides the students of the Department of Film Studies and Audiovisual Culture, also representatives of other disciplines and faculties. These teams also provide program, organizational, promotional, operational, economic and administrative services (technical services are provided by the cinema). 


Patrycja Astrid Twardowska

Phone: +420 549 49 1583